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kidnapping jesus

An Action Adventure Book that takes you from the Past to the Future
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 The book 

kidnapping jesus

is an action-adventure novel and is based on fact and imagination. The groundwork for writing KIDNAPPING JESUS began in 1997.

It has taken a very long time for the possibilities to unfold. Hold on to your imagination, for it will be challenged!

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Special Characters and Points of Interest
Screenshot shroud

Shroud of Turin

George looked John in the eyes and said, "I want you to steal the Shroud of Turin for my private collection! I will pay you and your team, but it is my belief that if anyone can do this job, its you and your team!"


DNA from Jesus

The DNA in the shroud lay dormant for almost two thousand years. Technology for cloning began in 1970. In fact, there was even speculation that President John R Kennedy had been cloned following the tragedy in Dallas where he had been assassinated.


Mark of the knights Tempelar

Geoffroi believed in chivalry and wanted to recognize his uncle by placing the Mark of the Knights Templar on the shroud, In fact, many of the surviving members of the Knights Templar were absorbed into other orders. 


Casca rufus longinus

"When Man Becomes Worthy, I Shall Return to Earth. We shall meet again."   Casca Rufus Longinus  wrote over 2,000 years ago.  "Yes, I know what you meant the whole time. I know what you wanted."

Meet the authors

Author David B Barnard resides in Palm Coast Florida.

Serving with distinction in both the US Army and US Marine Corps, he received honors for his military service. He completed training in tank operations at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and ranger training at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, with the 1st Ranger Battalion and the Parachute Jump School. He is SCUBA certified and currently holds an Open Water Certification.

He completed the Non-Commissioned Officer's Training Course at Camp Pendleton, California, and received his degree. Barnard attended and completed his education at the San Diego Police Academy, the Marshals Academy, and the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Department following his medical retirement from active duty.

His background includes three years of duty as a Deputy Marshal and five years as a police officer. Investigating crime scenes, questioning suspects, and conducting police investigations are among his past experiences.

Samuel L. (Lyons) Brodie, Co-Author of Kidnapping Jesus, is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel.

His assignments included tours of duty with the 2nd Armored Division, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and the 1st Armored Division. His overseas assignments led him to Germany, The Republic of Turkey and to Egypt. His military training included the Officer's Basic and Advanced Courses, and the Intermediate and Senior Service Colleges. He has a B.S. Degree in Aerospace Administration and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Brodie served in the Army for 26 years. Brodie is a Master Instructor in SCUBA Diving. He learned to dive and became a Dive Instructor while assigned in Turkey.